Andy Carroll Utilizes His Time Off To Vacation

Not every player who deserves a stint in the Euro league gets their due part.

However, one should learn to enjoy their time off and not take their non participation too harshly. For instance, Andy Carroll might have gotten snubbed for the Euro 2016 this time, but that has not prevented him from enjoying the time off with his family. He has definitely learnt to enjoy life and that is how everyone needs to learn to take their journey of life.

He is currently in Miami, with his fiancée and their son. Even though he has been missing out at the Euros he has decided to take the time to relax. The striker from West Ham, 27 years of age, has learnt the art of taking life slowly. Among the experts there is talk that Andy was overlooked by Roy Hodgson even though he had contributed significantly to the team and through the season. He even tweeted to his fans, stating that he should have been playing the game against Slovakia. That showed that the Englishman definitely hoped to be part of the country’s team in Euro 2016. There have been younger names added to the league like Marcus Rashford who has joined the likes of Harry Kane, Jamie Vardy and Wayne Rooney as well as Daniel Sturridge as the strikers in the country’s team. Though Andy did tweet to showcase his feelings, he did not dwell much on his disappointment. He has taken the time to enjoy a luxurious trip to Thailand. That was planned early this month while the next week it was the golden shores of Florida. The holiday break photos are definitely making many of his team mates wish they had the time off as well. It is definitely a way of ensuring that no one thinks that Andy is worse off for having not been included as part of the Euro team.