On 21 May 2013, West Ham made a £15 million move in order to permanently sign the former Liverpool player Andy Carroll but a heel injury has kept him unable to display the reason why West Ham splashed that amount of money.

In the last match of the past season the English forward sustained a heel injury which has kept him not able to play with West Ham in their last 9 matches.

Even though the injury has kept him away from the playing field, he remains optimistic about his future even stating his desire to play with England in the upcoming World Cup and try to play an important role for his national side.

“I’ve just got to get back and play for West Ham and score some goals and force myself back into the England squad,”

‘’I’m working hard every day and if I keep doing that then it shouldn’t be too much longer. I’ve kicked on a bit from when I first went over there. I was in a boot and on crutches, but it’s obviously feeling a lot better and I’m starting to do heavier work, rather than just balancing’’.

Having only scored 2 goals in 9 matches for England, it’s crucial that he makes a successful and complete recovery if he wants to secure the striker position in England’s squad as its currently being played by: Rooney, Sturridge and Welbeck as those are Roy Hodgson’s preferred choices.

West Ham’s coach Sam Allardyce already stated his desire for a swift recovery from Carroll and as soon as he is available, there is no doubt he will be added into his starting XI squad which is just what Carroll needs if he wants to get attention of Roy Hogdson and make a possible appearance in the 2014 World Cup.