The West Ham United manager Sam Allardyce has said that he does not think the referees provide enough protection to players like Andy Carroll. The Liverpool striker is currently on loan at West Ham United till the end of the season. He has had a major influence in his first few matches for the club. He is expected to be the major influence when it comes to West Ham United finishing in the top half of the table and struggling against relegation. However, he has been fouled a lot in the last few matches, and Sam Allardyce has called for some protection to his player.

The former Newcastle United striker has not yet scored for West Ham United, but his towering presence has been enough to help the club score through other players. One of the reasons for him yet to get off the mark has been the constant fouls he has been subjected to according to the manager. He has said that the opposition unable to deal with the power and presence of the player, and constantly foul him. However, referees do not provide him with support because he is extremely physical in his appearance at six-foot three.

“Referees aren’t giving him enough free kicks when he is manhandled by central defenders who, let’s face it, are having a difficult job coping with the quality that he’s got. Because he is six-foot-three, they don’t give the free kicks they would perhaps give to a five-foot-two player. Perhaps it’s a subconscious thing. Andy knows all that. He’s been there and has to be patient with it,” said Sam Allardyce, whose side lost 2-1 against Wigan during the weekend. Despite this loss, they still stay in the top half of the table after having been promoted from the Championship in the summer.