The former manager of Newcastle United, Kevin Keegan, has said that Liverpool should not place Andy Carroll on loan to Newcastle United. According to the reports, the new manager of Liverpool, Brendon Rodgers, is planning to place Carroll on loan. Keegan said that Carroll is a very important member of the Liverpool side and he is very surprised to know that Rodgers doesn’t need Carroll for the upcoming season.  As per Keegan, it’s true that Carroll hasn’t played according to his talent in the last two seasons, but, this doesn’t been that he is not valuable for Liverpool anymore.

Carroll had joined Liverpool in January 2011. He played his first match for Liverpool against Manchester united in March 2011.His first goal for Liverpool was against Manchester city. Carroll had been given regular opportunities to play in the first team, but, he failed to make a mark. In the last season, he scored some goals, but, he was certainly not at his best. Liverpool had bought Carroll from Newcastle United after paying 35 million pounds which is a huge amount.  But, Carroll hasn’t been able to prove his worth in the team yet. Many experts have said that they are not surprised with Rodger’s decision of placing Carroll on loan. But, Keegan’s opinion is a bit different. He said that, Liverpool hasn’t had many strikers in their squad. Carroll is one of their main strikers and it would not be sensible if Rodgers decides to go into the upcoming season without one of his key strikers.

Carroll himself doesn’t want to play for his former club on loan. He said that he loves to play for Liverpool and he does not want to play for any other club in the upcoming season. As per Carroll, he wants to prove his utility in the Liverpool side and he would like to continue playing for Liverpool in the 2012-13 season.