Veteran Premier League striker Andy Carroll has admitted that he finds it hard to understand why he did not have a successful stint at West Ham United and has also revealed that he would have loved to have a better career with the Hammers. The former Liverpool forward signed for the Hammers a long time ago but he was not able to make any significant impact at Upton Park, causing the fans of the club to ask the Hammers to let go of the player, questioning why they signed him in the first place. During his time at the club, Carroll failed to live up to expectations and became a shadow of his former self.

During his days as a Liverpool player, Carroll may not have been the best striker in the League but he was renowned for his ability to get behind the ball and get into positions that would allow him to make some reasonable runs before proceeding to find the back of the net. He was usually a problem for defenders back in the day and that was the reason he still managed to play for more than two clubs in the country’s top league.

However, he has admitted that his time as a West Ham player has to be the worst period of his career as a professional footballer, citing that he still can not place his fingers on what happened to him. Speaking on the topic, the veteran forward revealed that he knows that there were huge expectations placed on him after signing for West Ham and he genuinely wanted to be an important player for the club but then not everything works according to plan.

He added that he was usually always bothered about his poor firm and also always tried to improve on his abilities but he never really made any significant progress on his way to becoming a better striker for West Ham.