Andy Carroll’s Want of the Hour is His Latest Contract

Hating or loving him is up to you, Carroll is desperately playing like he wants a brand new contract with West Ham, but let’s see he can get one or not? There is no space to question the team entering the new season, 2019-2020. West Ham is on full revamping mode where most of the strikers involved with the team are departing. The only option left from this season is like Xande Silva… and Andy Carroll?

Regarding Andy Caroll, he is a great player and especially for West Ham, he has fared extremely well. At the same time, he is unique and powerful and the only reason why he is so inconsistent is because of injury concerns.Whenever an opportunity is given, Carroll runs a lot harder than previous. Maybe Pellegrini is too much motivating for him or maybe something else like the reality of his fancy way of life in London.

And the problem is about scoring. This is big problem for a striker, right? Although the player can be frustrating at times, the manager of the layer does trust him and he also had the appearance in the eleven of the league games straight. If he gets a string of goals back to back, then it could get a little more interesting for the person.

The fact to note is that the player is really in the off limit during the end of the season. If a new player has to join the team, then he/she has to be consistent. But the coach has laid out plans for the player and insists that he will be the contributor to the next step of the plan. It will be interesting to see how it goes.