Adam: Carroll needs time

Liverpool midfielder Charlie Adam has spoken up in defence of his team mate Andy Carroll, and the other young members of the squad, many of whom only arrived at Anfield at the start of the season when Kenny Dalglish took charge. His comments were made in response to the mounting criticism of Carroll who was bought for £35 million from Newcastle United, but has scored just 4 goals so far this season. Andy has not regularly started games however, as Louis Suarez has been in fantastic form and Kuyt is often used to support the Uruguayan.

Kenny Dalglish has brought in many new players in his short time in charge including Carroll, Suarez, Adam, Bellamy and Jose Enrique, most of whom have been extremely successful after their move. However, bringing such a large number of new players in all at once is bound to disrupt the squad, and not all players learn to fit in instantly. Carroll may simply need more time and more opportunities to show his quality and to adapt to a new style of football. “Andy is still young – we have a young squad and we are learning. Let people be judged over a season,” said Adam, “No matter what you do as a player people have doubts about you. I t doesn’t matter who you are. You can be the best player in the world and somebody will pick something out that they don’t agree with and that’s what happens in football, it’s all about opinions.”

Andy Carroll has scored 2 league goals this season, from 8 premiership starts, and 5 appearances as a substitute. This is in comparison with Suarez’ 5 goals from 14 starts and an appearance as a sub. Looked at in this manner, the disparity between players doesn’t seem so great and it could well be argued that all the young English striker is missing is opportunities to play. Especially since he is so useful as a target man – his leap combined with his height and talent in the air cause havoc in even the tightest defences.